Presentation Skills & Public Speaking (Level 3)

This practical 2 day course is specially designed for anyone who already has sufficient experience of speaking in public and giving presentations to know that their delivery and presentation is already of a good standard. They should want to refine their skills and want to add a “professional” polish to all their future presentations.

Learn how to make a presentation memorable. Learn how to make a good first impression. Learn how to add life to your material. Learn how to  refine your delivery. Learn techniques for communicating with impact. Understand the importance of visual impact. Learn how to display “positive” body language. Learn techniques for controlling nerves, handling difficult questions and dealing with the unexpected. Pick up lots of  tips from an experienced presenter!

Delegates will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt, give 3 presentations over the 2 days, and receive professional coaching and constructive feedback on each.

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Communiqué Professional Training